Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Damon Dash

Damon Dash now works with L.A. Reid. " If you can see it, you can be it" he states. " I´m addicted to making money" he says. I suggest that every American child be told the story of Damon Dash, Our kids see so many negative images of black men in jail, on drugs or in poverty. Why not wave Damon Dash in theire face? I´d like everyone who loves RAP, HipHop and music per se to email CBS, NBC and ABC and to demand that they do more stories on successful black men i.e. Damon Dash.
This is not a web log for Blacks only. This is fo any and everybody who believes in the American Dream. For those of us who are tires of the biased, prejudiced and negative media. If you would take three minutes and email the big three (CBS, NBC, and ABC) and just send them a copy of this blog it would make an impact.
"Unto whom much is given, much is required" the good book says. And Damon Dash understand this more than many pastors. He gives to schools, youth, the less fortunate etc. Damon is a king maker. He empowers people and equips them with unfathomable oppotunities. He´s the new book "From the Palace to the Prison" which you can get at www.cafepress.com/manning or at www.ebookad.com . He is also in the next book of Sherman D. Manning comming soon. I hope that pastors of some of these mega churges, laywers and philanthropists etc. will log on to these sites and purchase three or four thousand copies of "From the Palace to the Prison" and donate them to inner city yout, schools, libraries and boys clubs. I believe it will help turn them around. We have asked billionaries i.e. George Soros, Bill Gates, Mr. Simmons etc. to help us. We want to send five thousand copies of "From the Palace to the Prison" to Oprah´s Angel Network, family members of inmates (F.M.I. 22433 Ajax Street, Montgomery Alabama, 36108, 334-220-4670) or the Beat Within youth group 275 9th Street, San Francisco Ca. 94103. Get a copy for yourself and your teenager. And fi you will sponsor copies to any of the above groups just go to www.cafepress.com/manning and cafepress will mail the books anywhere in the world. Go to the http://www.rocawear.com/ and donßt forget to tell the media to give Damon this props. email me or leave a message on this page. Thanks!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Welcome to Damon Dash

Damon Dash is a rags to riches story. He is young, and brilliant. Damon Dash now owns the Damon Dash Music Group. We will tell you more about it soon. "If you can see it in your mind you can be it!" Damon says we want you to buy all Damon Dash products and visit www.rocawear.com web site. If you are a reader read about Damon Dash in "From the Palace to Prison" and go to www.cafepress.com/manning. Please post your comments on this site.

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